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A very very hot day in Perth and Kings Park

the hottest day of the summer so far ...

sunny 39 °C

Well we had planned to head off to The Pinnacles today, but after seeing the weather forecast for the weekend (38 to 40 degrees) we decided it wouldn't be such a good idea. The Pinnacles are about three hours drive north of Perth and are basically in the middle of nowhere in desert. The fact that there isn't much else there and there would be absolutely no respite from the sun, we decided we'd head into Perth city instead.

Sarah, Jess and I had a bit of a wander around a few sights before meeting up with Will, grabbing some lunch then heading into Kings Park (a bit higher up and overlooking the city).


It was incredibly hot so we took it real steady and drank litres of water along the way. Kings Park is really beautiful and full of a real diverse range of trees, plants, memorials and as it was Saturday ... a hell of alot of people getting married. Although wearing a big meringue dress in 38 degree blistering hot sunshine cannot have been very pleasant.

The views of the City from Kings Park are fabulous ....


and there is a cool tree top walk overlooking the Swan River. We spent a few hours wandering before melting in the heat and heading back to Sarah and Will's for a most welcome cool off in the pool ... although it was hardly cool with the water being 33 degrees .. quite pleasant really.


We all felt quite exhausted after the heat and had planned to go out for dinner but we decided to get Japanese takeaway instead and didn't move much farther than the shaded patio and the sofa!!!

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Jess' 13th Birthday cont'd again ....

The evening session .....

sunny 28 °C

We all headed up to Freo and met at Little Creatures for a spot of birthday tea. Little Creatures is in fact a brewery but also a bar and restaurant (a very novel and very busy place), It is simply buzzing with people and the food is great and the staff are very friendly.

We had an assortment of plates to share, lovely fish, pizzas, feta, beetroot and rocket salad (which was absolutely gorgeous), mussells, squid ... the list goes on ... by the end of it all we are all fit to burst ... literally!!! So much so that we didn't have any room left for Jess' caramel mud birthday cake. We did the candles and sang Happy Birthday anyway and took the cake home for later.

We all had a lovely time ... here's a photo of Jess blowing out her candles.


And a photo of 'the charmed ones' as Will nicknamed us ...


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Jess' 13th Birthday cont'd ....

The afternoon session!!

sunny 29 °C

Well ... what did Jess get for her birthday you may ask? Aunty Louise thought it might be a really nice idea for her to get Jess' belly button pierced as her birthday present. However, Mum here wasn't quite so sure and had said a big fat no!!

But after the past two weeks of Jess' never letting up about it ... "Nicole's got her's done".... "All my mates are getting their's done" .... "There's nothing else I want for my birthday" .... "It's not fair!!!" .... "Aunty Sarah's got her's done" ... "You had your's done" ... "It's not fair" .... lots of sulking ... a few tears .... followed by a couple of days of large amounts of kisses, cuddles and relentless creeping ... oh and yes a rather nice pair of paua shell ear-rings (cheers Jess!!), I eventually gave in.

So, we headed down to the local tattoo and piercing place on Rockingham foreshore and she went ahead and got her belly button pierced. My god .. she really is a teenager!!! Her little face when the guy who did it, 'Bones' (a very large scary looking bloke covered in tattoos and piercings) told her that he wasn't going to numb it first, was a complete picture! Needless to say she gritted her teeth, squeezed my hand real hard and went ahead with the whole thing. It was all done within a matter of minutes and now she's the happiest teenager on the planet!!

She has been told that I definitely draw the line there though and not to even think about eyebrows, noses or tongues .... yuuuk!!

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Jess' 13th birthday

The morning session!!

sunny 28 °C

Well it's finally upon me ... my daughter is now officially a teenager!!!!

We had a lovely morning opening Jess' cards and pressies before Lou, Jess, Nicole and I headed off to Marapana Park ... a local wildlife park where you can cuddle Koalas, feed kangaroos, wallabies and a variety of other animals and we all really enjoyed it. I can't believe how soft red kangaroos fur is or how big they are when you get so close to them. A bit of a different experience to the ones we saw on our travels to Dunsborough .. where you just wouldn't have wanted to get too close to them in the wild. These were so soft and cute and just came and ate out of your hand. One little joey seemed quite crazy though and was jumping around the field like no tomorrow and kept headbutting the deer who were trying to muscle in on the action. This photo shows a grey kangaroo, with a little baby joey in her pouch. Check out the length of those lashes!


The ostriches and emus were a bit scary ... we let them eat straight from the tub of feed as they are really greedy and quite aggressive. I certainly wouldn't want to come across them in the wild that's for sure.

The koalas were really cute but we weren't allowed to cuddle them as they were all pregnant ... bless! Apparently the gestation period is only about 21 days and when they are born they are the size of a jelly bean and live in their mothers fur for a few weeks until they mature to a size where they can hang on to a branch for themselves. They sleep for 20 hours a day and eat for the other four hours.


Here's a photo of a kookaburra ... it's amazing when you hear how much noice they can make, as we experienced from the couple of nights we spent in the bush when they were immediately overhead us in the trees.


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Well you can't go anywhere ....

without bumping into someone from Matlock!!!!

sunny 24 °C

After a lovely day in Mandurah, Lou, Malc and I go for a lovely evening drink at the nearest you get to a pub near here. After a couple of drinks and us putting the world to rights (well actually enjoying some quality time without the kids !!) we get approached by a familiar looking face. It's only Rob Smith who I used to work with behind the bar in Shakespeare's Bar many moons ago!!! Who'd have thought it?

Lou and Malc knew he was over here but I haven't seen him for years and years. It just goes to show, that no matter how far from home you travel, there's no getting away from Matlock.

We had a good catch up and a few more drinks and arranged to meet up, same place, in a couple of weeks time .. when another face from the past (who I also haven't seen in years) arrives for a holiday, the night before Jess and I return home.

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