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semi-overcast 24 °C

Sorry it's been a while since my last blog. Spent a few days chilling after our trip down south. Did a nice lunch on Rocky foreshore with Louise and Jess, wrote a few postcards, caught up with the blog from our trip down south and started to research my essay (finally!!) Caught a couple more sunsets down at Secret Harbour and cooked tea for the family seeing as they'd been out at work.

On Thursday, Louise, Jess, Nicole and I went to Mandurah (about half an hour south of Lou and Malc's) and did a cruise along the river to check out all the very expensive houses on the river front ... oh, how the other half live!! It was really cloudy but we enjoyed the cruise all the same ... and we even got to see a bottlenose dolphin along the way.


Had a nice lunch and a quick look round a very nice jewellery shop and a couple of galleries, then headed home just as the sun came out ... great ... a quick dive in the pool before Lou, Malc and I headed to the pub.

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Breakfast and back to Busselton Beach

sunny 29 °C

After wake up and a bit of early morning "roo" spotting .... various_7_1_07_074a.jpg we feed what seems like the five thousand then clear up the place and head out to Busselton Beach. It's quite busy as there has been a music festival nearby (WA's equivalent to Glastonbury ... that is if you equate the mere 2 million population of WA to a small field with one stage and a few bands ... not quite the same (If you've ever been to Glasto that is!!))

After a bit of swimming and snorkelling we grab some lunch and have a bit of a mooch round before heading back on the three hour journey home.

Jess and I are now staying with Lou and Malc for a while in Port Kennedy and Sarah and Will head home. It's back to work tomorrow for everyone ... everyone that is except me, Jess and Nicole!! A few more weeks work free ... what a nice feeling. That is, if I continue to be in denial of the 3,000 word essay that's due in 5 days after I return home .... damn!!!

Just to round the day off, Lou and I take a ride to the local beach to watch the sunset ... we just catch it in time ... check this out ....various_7_1_07_011a.jpg

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