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A posh lunch, a walk on the beach and a farewell session

.... heading back to freezing cold UK very very soon .... brrrr!!!!

sunny 35 °C

Had a lovely afternoon with my little sis Sarah and Jess ... we went for a very very nice lunch at The Oyster Bar on the Beach in North Freemantle ... starting with Oysters Kilpatrick (yummm!) followed by the most gorgeous Trio of Seafood in a beurre blanc sauce which was absolutely scrummy!! All accompanied with a glass of bubbles (of course) and the most fabulous table overlooking the ocean ... what a nice treat!!



A last walk on the beach with a nice breeze to fend off the 35 degree blazing hot sunshine. We had a huge giggle when Sarah thought she had found a pearl ... which turned out to be a little ball of polystyrene just sitting in exactly the right place on an oyster shell before her feet .... we soon realised and fell about laughing when she went to pick it up and it blew away in the wind!!!

The ocean was lovely and warm so we had a quick paddle and a couple of last photos ....


before heading into Freo to get Jess her last Boost Juice fix (bless her!) While we were there we called into the Didgeridoo store and got the guy in there to give us a demo .... what a fabulous sound and the vibrations when he played iit near our feet were amazing!!

Back home for a quick change and freshen up then jumped in the car to Lou and Malc's ... Jess and Nicole babysat the neighbours 4 year old daughter while we all went to the pub to meet up with a few people and Tony (an old friend) who had just arrived that morning.



Great fun had by all ... lots of hugs ... kisses and drinks of course then back to Lou and Malc's to say our last goodbyes to Nathan and Nikki (who couldn't make it to the airport). I'm really going to miss them all so much and I'm really going to miss sitting out in the evening enjoying a civilised drink ... oh and the sunshine ... and the seafood .... and the lifestyle ... and the ocean .... in fact, I might just stay for a bit longer (I wish!!!!). Freezing cold Derbyshire here we come ...... mmm really looking forward to the british weather .... not!!!

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A wonderful day at Rottnest Island

what a fantastic place!

sunny 35 °C

We all got up bright and early and set off to Freo to meet up with Sarah and Will and Henry and Vicky before catching the 9.30am ferry to Rottnest Island which lies about 16km off the coast.

We arrived on the island after about 25 minutes and headed off to the bike shed to pick up our mode of transport for the day ... (there are no cars on the island).

It was named Rottnest by dutch discovers of the island who mistook the Quokkas (strange little marsupials) that inhabit the island in droves, for rats ... so they named it Rottsnest (Ratsnest).


It is the most beautiful unspoilt island with so many different bays ... fabulous clear turqouise water and white sands. We spent the day cycling between them, stopping off for swimming, snorkelling, ball games and general lazing about doing nothing. It was incredibly hot with the clearest bluest sky ... amazing.


After lunch we cycled a bit farther round the island than most and found a fabulous beach down quite a steep hill and freewheeled to the bottom, locked up the bikes and headed on to the beach. It was completely deserted with fabulous rocks and reefs so we settled in for the afternoon. It was so nice to sit in the shallow water, the place to ourselves, without a care in the world other than getting sunburnt as there was no shade .. (I think we must have got through a very large bottle of factor 30 between us!)


We were due to catch the ferry back to Freo at 6 and the bikes had to be returned by 5. Everyone else headed back except me, Jess, Sarah and Will (cos they were still drying out from the last snorkelling session) and when we came to go at 4.30, we found Jess had a flat back tyre.

I was the only one with my mobile phone and was lucky enough to have just enough battery charge to call the emergency number to get them to come and rescue us. Sarah and Will (who were on a tandem) had to head back in order to get their bike back in time, so they reluctantly left Jess and I in the blazing hot sun, in the middle of nowhere, to wait to be rescued. Fortunately, about 15 minutes later, a very nice man (Bert) rolled up with a replacement bike for Jess, who said "Aaw can't we get a lift with you?". Bert, (bless him) told her that he wasn't supposed to but seeing as it was getting so late he told us to jump in.

After loading our bikes up, we squeezed into his yute (fit for only two passengers) and had a leisurely drive through parts of the island we hadn't seen and beat everyone else back to the bike shed!!!

We just had time to shower and change and grab a long awaited cool drink at the pub before catching the 6pm ferry back to the mainland.

What a fantastic place ... just wish we could have stayed longer. But apparently (according to Bert) it is so popular and the accommodation is so limited that people have to put their names down and there is a ballot system ... if you are lucky enough to have your name pulled out of the hat you get to stay on the island (at great expense)! So unless you are one of the (very rich) people who own one of the many fantastic yachts that were in the harbour, it's day trips only.


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A hangover, a civilised breakfast and hair of the dog!!

sunny 32 °C

Woke up at 8am feeling rather worse for wear and to discover that the mossies got me (finally) the night before. I've managed three whole weeks with only one mossi bite then get three nasty ones all in one go.

Felt very woosy but we got ourselves ready and headed into Subiaco (a very nice part of the city) for a very nice breakfast at the Subiaco hotel with a couple of Sarah's friends ... which helped to make us feel a little more human at least. Louise sat and gloated about how well she felt so I reminded her of her hangover the Friday before and she soon shut up.

After a bit of a wander round the very lovely shops in Subi, we drove back to Sarah's then Lou and I headed back to Port Kennedy to get ready for the big barbie planned for that afternoon. All I wanted to do at this point was go back to bed but a couple of Paracetamol's and a couple of litres of water kept me going and soon the house was full of Lou and Malc's friends and we started off the late afternoon pool and party session.

What a great bunch they are too .. we had a great time. The boys took care of the cooking (bbq's are a mans job after all) ... the kids spent hours jumping in and out of the pool and we all tucked in to some fab food. I tried kanagroo steak ... which I must admit I was a bit wary ... but it is ten times more tender and tasted far nicer than the best steak I have ever had.

We rounded the night off with another viewing of Comet McNaught which was shining incredibly brightly, it's tail clearly visible .... then headed off to bed ready for our early start the next morning ... Rottnest Island .. here we come!!


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An evening at the Ballet

... culture at the Quarry Amphitheatre

sunny 28 °C

Lou and I headed up to Sarah's then over to Floreat near City Beach to the Quarry Amphitheatre to see Perth City Ballet perform Carmen. What a spectacular setting ... a really quite small quarry in a part of Perth that is protected for its wildlife which has been made into a small amphitheathre. Very civilised it was too ... armed with our eski full of lovely picnic food and bottles of bubbly we met up with some of Sarah's friends and settled in for a lovely evening's outdoor entertainment.

The choreography was contemporary, the ballet dancers were outstanding and a group of flamenco dancers joined in the show ... it was absolutely fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Will picked us up after it had finished and we headed back to stay at Sarah's for the night (child free!!!). Louise had the common sense to go to bed after one glass of Nooky Delight (the previously mentioned very nice port from Margaret River) ... however, Sarah and I (not so sensible) stayed up putting the world to rights until the wee small hours after polishing off the whole bottle ... oops!!

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A cruise along the Swan River from Perth to Freemantle

sunny 39 °C

Woke up to blazing hot sunshine again today ... oh it's a hard life!!!

Sarah and Will had to nip in to work so Jess and I hopped on the Oceanic Cruise ferry from the Swan Bell Tower in Perth and headed to Freo. The trip lasted about an hour, with fab views of the city from the river.


We cruised past Kings Park, where we had been the day before ... the next photo shows the Tree Top Walk ....


The cruise also takes you past 'millionaires row' where there are heaps of very large houses fronting the river, the most expensive being AUS$850,000,000. There were some gorgeous properties ... many of which are just housing the 'staff' for most of the year while their owners are living elsewhere ... what a waste eh?

The river was an absolute hive of activity .... it seemed that everyone who owned a yacht or a sailing boat was "out to play" on such a scorching hot Sunday ... (39 degrees). One thing I've noticed when comparing the weather to England ... it always seems to be fabulous at the weekend with the cloudy days confined to the week, whereas in England it will be glorious in the week and more often than not, miserable at the weekend. Funny that!

After cruising past the yacht club that hosted the America's Cup ...


we docked into Freo and headed into town to their equivalent of Camden Market (although on a far smaller scale). Loads of interesting stalls, so we perused for a while before meeting up with Sarah and Will and grabbed a 'Boost Juice' (Jess and I are addicted to them ... freshly juiced fruit and veg with added vitamin boosters .. they are scrummy).

After a bit more wandering we headed to the harbour to a restaurant that claims to do the best fish and chips in WA ... there are huge aquarium tanks with an array of interesting local fish to wonder at while you wait for your order .. which is served wrapped in paper from which you proceed to eat from ... no plates provided. I must admit it was pretty tasty and I've never eaten fish and chips in front of such a spectacular view of the ocean before.

Just around the corner was a Baskin & Robbins ... oh dear .... more calories ... but very hard to resist (although Will managed to) ... it was just too hard to decide what flavour to have .. so we settled on two different scoops each ... (you won't recognise me when I get home!)

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